Education System

Education System in India a mass stereotype transportation system (MSTS). All through the school years you are made to believe that getting on to the ‘Professional Education’ Express is your life’s only mission. When you do discover that ‘‘Professional Education’ Express is actually a ‘Professional Education Passenger Train’ that carries millions to unsure destination, you are made to take the ‘Masters Express is awesome’ bait. And so on and on it goes every year for every individual entering India’s Education System. At the end of these ‘Rides of Illusion,’ you are left with the realization that you had boarded the wrong trains and have reached the wrong destination and detours are going to be costly and enervating.

Regarding grades: well I would like to brush it all aside as a hyperbole, but it does what it is supposed to do. However the fact that the focus of education system is not a balanced one, some of the people who are well suited for real life might not get high grades. Examples: The first guy to open his own firm (a successful one) from my school batch consistently finished in the bottom third of the class in 10th and 12th; the first guy to become an AVP from my college batch was not in the Toppers list; the first guy to become an AVP from my MBA batch was one of the last few to get placed on placement day. Agreed this is only the professional side of the story, but you get the gist of my message. I can still quote examples of people who are successful in all walks of their life but their grading during school or college would not have served as a leading indicator for their current success.

Note: This post has been written for Indiblogger’s Indispire edition 109: ‘Education system of India is more focused on bookish knowledge rather than practical knowledge. Still students are judged on basis of their report card. Give your opinions on this subject.’



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