My Daughter’s First Annual Day (Part Two)

On 10th March, we reached the venue for the annual day exactly by the stipulated time which is kind of a cosmic miracle considering my life-long issues (should I say my legacy) with time management. Looks like the school authorities had accounted for Indians’ Standard Time (which is basically being at least 30 minutes late for any program) and the program was nowhere near getting started. Slowly the venue started getting filled.

The rebellious mothers of my daughters’ class decided to ditch the golden color overcoat for the girls and instead to use a mini-apron in the same color as the skirt. I basically left my wife to sit with my daughter, her classmates and their respective mother and moved to another row to sit with my daughter’s classmate’s father. As I looked at the bright and colorful costumes of kids in other dances, I felt that may be my wife was right about my daughter’s dance costume. Seriously, what was I thinking? I should have been extremely naïve or extremely audacious to doubt the judgement of an Indian Mom. Lesson learned: It’s ok to doubt the judgement of your wife in her role as wife, but it’s naïve to doubt her judgement in role as a mother. Thankfully my daughter’s class teacher did not object or question the slight change in costume for the girls and what could have been an unpleasant conversation was averted.

My daughter’s dance program was listed as the eleventh one in the itinerary. There was only one skit which was kind of narration skit that introduced each and every dance performance. In all there were eleven dance performances for songs including Barbie World, Macarena, Tarzan and Jane, Witch Doctor, etc. There were even a couple of Hindi And Tamil folk dances too.

Once the Annual Day Programs started they proceeded at a break neck speed. Each class had its own dance performance. The school authorities ensured that all the kids in the class including kids with special needs also participated in the performance, which is commendable. For all the dance programs the respective class teachers would also dance in front of the stage so that the kids follow them and dance. It was kind of funny and heartwarming to watch the activities of the kids on stage. The dances were far from perfect but even imperfection is perfection when it involves kids. Some of kids were distracted seeing their parents capturing videos of the dance performance, which was exactly what the school authorities forewarned and forbade.

My daughter’s dance performance went very well. The showstopper of the evening was a speech by a girl thanking all the teachers and parents. She spoke very well for five minutes with just one minor hiccup which for her age is a tremendous achievement. At the end of the Annual Day function after the National Anthem, most of the people were in a hurry to leave the venue which I could not understand as the program got over well ahead of time.

We went onstage and took a few snaps of my daughter with her friends, class teacher and school head. We also thanked our daughter’s class teacher for all her efforts. The Teachers should be thanked for all their efforts and preparation for the annual day. It is very difficult to make children of this age perform in unison and the teachers had done a remarkable job. On the way home, my wife sponsored our Celebratory Dinner at Cream Center.


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