My Daughter’s First Annual Day (Part One)

On 10th March, my daughter’s playschool, ‘Eurokids – Kotturpuram,’ conducted their annual day. The event was held in another school’s auditorium in Alwarpet. The school had planned for the programs in such a way that all the kids participated in at least one program. My daughter was participating in ‘Tarzan and Jane’ dance. In the run-up to the annual day, my daughter kept us informed with the happenings in her dance practice sessions.

About ten days back when my daughter’s class teacher revealed the costumes for the dance, the mothers of girl children in the class almost blinked in sync in disbelief. Since the song was based on Tarzan, the teacher had chosen for girls’ black full hand t-shirt, black full trouser with a blue mini-skirt and a golden over coat. They had problem with choice of costume, the color, etc. My wife was one of the rebellious mothers who was hell-bent on ensuring that her daughter shines like an angel from another world.

My wife and my daughters classmates’ mothers were left fuming further when they came to know the choices made by other class teachers: Pink Barbie Gown, Colorful Beach Trousers and T-Shirts, Gagra-Choli, etc. In the days leading up to the annual day, I can safely assume that these mothers hated their daughters’ class teacher more than their respective mother-in-laws. There were suggestions and counter-suggestions going back and forth. Not a single day passed without my wife complaining about the dance costume and feeling bad that while other kids would have wonderful costume, our daughter would have a (a perceived) funny costume. I finally managed to pacify her saying that ‘we would buy all kinds of good looking costume for our daughter but not a jungle themed costume; so in way the teacher is doing us a favor!

Two days before the event when the teacher handed over the costume to us, my wife’s blood pressure reached the stratosphere. I tried to reason with her and calm her down; however she suddenly took George W. Bush kind of stance against me, ‘If you are not with us you’re against.’ Not wanting get crushed under the wrath of the Lady Tsunami in the house, I basically chose to confine my logical opinion to the safest corner in my house, which is basically within my own head!!! My wife rang up one of my daughter’s classmate’s mother and the two moms brainstormed on how the situation can be salvaged.

My wife altered the length of the skirt and with the remaining cloth made head bands and rubber-bands of the same color for all the five girls in the dance. My daughter’s classmate’s mother went even further: she managed to trace down the cloth used in the skirt to a shop in T. Nagar and found a tailor who would stitch a mini-apron for all the five girls in one-single day. And on the day of the event they were getting ready to unleash a ‘Fashion Revolution.’ Wow, hats off to these Supermoms!!! Viva Fashion Revolution!!!

Well, what did the dads do? One, we never interacted much, so the idea of coordination between us is never going to take flight. Two, our fashion sense is as weak as the depleted knee bone of ninety year old man; so the lady in the respective household is never going to allow us to decide on something as important as the costume for the daughter’s first annual day. Three, we are VERY LAZY to do so much work in one single day; Therefore all of us should have independently come to the same conclusion: ‘we would buy all kinds of good looking costume for our respective daughters but not a jungle themed costume; so in way the teacher is doing us a favor!!!’ I think that was the right conclusion since we need not be disturbed from our state of bliss called as ‘Inertia!’


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