Sports Day at My Daughter’s School

On Saturday my daughter’s playschool, ‘Eurokids – Kotturpuram,’ conducted their annual sports day nicknamed, ‘Health is Wealth Day.’ The event was held in another school’s ground in Adyar. Throughout the year for most days my daughter had been late to school because of me. However for the sports day we reached the venue well ahead of time. In the morning it was cloudy as if it was going to rain but when we reached the ground the weather was just perfect for a sports day.

As I entered the ground I was amused that the thought of the winds of change in my life. For the first time in our lives I and my wife were attending a school event as parents. Time just zips past us in a flash while we are barely aware of how far we have come in our life. It just seems only yesterday I was standing outside a delivery room in a hospital when the doctor showed my daughter to me and yet here we were after three years and eight months taking our daughter to her very first sports day.

The school’s official mascot was placed at the entrance of the ground. It was a fairly large ground for an event of a small school. I met many of my daughter’s classmates and their respective parents. Since it was school admission time most of the conversation was around which schools we had applied to and whether the kids have got admission in the schools that had completed the admission process as of now.

I have never seen my daughter so lively and happy and so were the other kids. The school had arranged for drills by age group and races (individual and team) by classes/ age group. My daughter and her age group kids had to wear the Eurokids official T-shirt for the drill and a theme T-shirt for the races. As we were helping our daughter wear the T-shirt meant for the race, we were pleasantly surprised to see her name printed on the T-shirt.

As for the actual event, the drills and the races went off without much hiccup. They were far from perfect but even imperfection is perfection when it involves kids. The school management, teachers and staff had done a tremendous job of putting together drills and theme based races and there were a mini quizzes to introduce each race. My daughter’s race was around bears competing to catch fish and trying to make it to the finish line first.

Like most schools conducting events for kids, my daughter’s school ensured that every kid participated. They also gave prizes for every kid. As there was no first or second prize it actually freed the event from needless judgements and complaints that would have been made by the parents. During the prize distribution ceremony the school head kept repeating multiple times that ‘this is the first prize that the kids were winning in their lives’ and at Eurokids ‘Every kid is a winner.’

As the event was progressing it was heartwarming to see some of the kids dancing even from the audience area for songs of all the drills. There were many a funny moment during the event. The only two problems at the event were not from kids or the school but from the parents group: In our enthusiasm to watch the kids perform, we were refusing to settle down in the seats and the applause from us was rather muted and lacking energy.

When the kids were not performing in the drills and races, they were conducting a parallel sports day in the audience area. As I watched the kids play I could not help but notice that so much group dynamics and personality traits were already on display even at such a young age. I also could see with my own eyes (as pointed out by researches) that even a couple of months of difference in age can result in significant difference in kids’ ability to understand and act. The kids were somehow lost in their own world oblivious to what was happening around them.

There were musical chair competitions respectively for the fathers, mothers and the teachers/staff. The school had thrown in another surprise element by arranging for pizzas for the kids which was a huge hit with the kids. Overall the event resembled a carnival more than a sports day and it was a welcome break to be spectator to the surprising world of tiny but sunny personalities. When it was to time to go home one of my daughter’s classmates was crying and complaining to her parents that she did not want to leave the ground and go home. What more can serve as testimony to the success of the event? Three cheers to the ‘Eurokids – Kotturpuram’ management, teachers and staff for making the sports day a grand success.


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