The Wise Angel

In the book ‘Springboard,’ Professor Richard Shell narrates the story of an elderly man (from working class background) who walked into a Wharton School seminar on income and happiness. After listening to what was being discussed, during Q&A session the elderly man described that happiness is just three things: good health, meaningful work and love. Professor Shell who was also present in the audience that day describes in the book that the aura of the academic world had for a moment fallen away under the weight of those simple words. Professor Shell goes on to describe that anonymous gentleman as the WISE ANGEL.

Today as I was lost in a stream of random thoughts, my mind finally came to anchor at the ‘WISE ANGEL’ island. I was thinking if I had met such a ‘WISE ANGEL’ in my life; or did I have the fortune of meeting someone who came at least close to the ‘WISE ANGEL’ – someone who was able to express a profound thought in a simple way.  For a few minutes my mind circling just like a man stranded in an unfamiliar woods on a foggy day.

After a few minutes I remembered of my visit to a Homeopathic Doctor at Mandaveli, Chennai – a few months back. I generally avoid taking allopathic medicine for recurring and nagging issues. I generally try to find some natural cure or take Homeopathic medicine. After repeated failures to locate a Homeopathic doctor near my locality, I found one near my sister’s place.

On this particular day, I had gone to see this doctor for a bout of common cold. He asked me for my age (35 years) and other details. He was trying to explore my medical history, allergies if any, family medical history etc. Then I started explaining about the issues for which I had gone to visit him. Before prescribing me the medicine he said, ‘You should realize that your first innings is over.’ Puzzled, I replied, ‘I don’t understand.’

The doctor went on to explain: ‘Till 35 years of age we are in the first innings of our life. From 35 years to 70 years we are in the second innings of our life. If we are fortunate enough to live beyond 70 years, we should consider it as super over. Since you are past 35 years of age, it is better to realize that you are in the second innings of your life and make modifications to your lifestyle accordingly.’  For a moment I was like thunderstruck.

Looking at the rather strange look in my face the doctor went on to add, ‘Our health is the most important asset that we have. We should do everything under our control to ensure that this asset remains healthy as long as possible.’ The doctor went to on to explain some of the food items that I can eat to increase my basic immunity. Then then prescribed medicines for me; I paid the fees and left the clinic. That day as I was riding back home on my bike, I had mixed feelings.

But over the next few days as I reflected on what the doctor said, I realized that the doctor only helped me realize the reality sooner than later. And as I think back on the incident today and associate the incident that Professor Shell narrates in his book I can clearly see that the Homeopathic Doctor is one of the ‘WISE ANGELS’ that I have encountered in my life.


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