The 5 Lessons 2015 has taught me

As I look towards 2016 with hope and optimism for all the opportunities that lie ahead, I am writing this blog post about the five key lessons that that I have learnt in 2015.

Life is Fragile: The havoc caused by incessant rains in November and December 2015 in Tamil Nadu have shown the fragility of life. Nothing is guaranteed. We need to appreciate and be thankful for the good things in our life. The rains also showed the power of the human mind to bounce back after set-backs.

A Good Book is a True Friend: I realized how the saying ‘a good book is a true friend’ is actually true. I spent reading multiple, mostly non-fiction books throughout the year. The more I read, I realized the more there is to read. Books actually gave new perspective on a lot of issues that I have encountered in the past.  In this world full of noise and negativity, books can be a true lighting beacon for the mind.

Life would be just fine without Television: My TV viewing habit has been waning in the last few years. This year I almost avoided TV, viewing it only during dinner time (about 20 – 30 minutes per day). I realized that I did not miss watching television much. I realized that I did not like reality shows (too much artificial drams) and news (too much focus on negative news). I used the freed up time to read books that were of interest to me.

There is happiness to be had in pursuit: I started blogging in late 2014. 2015 was the first full year of blogging for me. As the year progressed I realized that writing is something that I enjoyed. I posted some of the articles that I thought were worth sharing. Finishing an article or journal entry, editing it and the posting it on the blog gave me a sense of momentary happiness. It was a nice feeling to reach these small milestones throughout the year.

It’s no shame to fall; to remain fallen is a shame: A friend of mine once told me a Tamil saying which roughly translates to: ‘It’s no shame to fall; to remain fallen is a shame.’ As the year 2015 progressed, this saying is something that I reminded myself on various occasions when things did not proceed as expected and I was slipping back on my goals. Each time I slipped back on my goals, be it writing journal entries or blogging or my morning walks, I used this saying to motivate myself to get back on the right track.

Note: I wrote this post for IndiBlogger’s IndiSpire Edition 98 topic ‘What are the 5 Lessons 2015 has taught you?’


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