A Visit to Rameswaram

We went from Ramanadhapuram to Rameswaram by Car. Google maps was fairly accurate in showing even small waterbodies. All along the way we saw different kinds of birds lazing around in water bodies. The real treat to the eyes started around the area where the Indian mainland protrudes into the sea like a thin strand of hair. Suddenly from nowhere the sea appears barely a few feet from the road on either side. As we started driving up the Indira Gandhi Bridge, the view was breathtaking.

We stopped at a spot on the bridge where most other vehicles had been parked. Somehow the temptation of selfies had not eluded even the Sabarimala Pilgrims who were present in droves everywhere; selfies were in full swing. It was very windy. On one side we could see the Pambhan Bridge and the railway line. The sea was at its pristine beauty; I guess that’s how the seawater is supposed to look. Compared with this standard, the sea water in Chennai is basically nothing but drainage water.

On the other side of the bridge we could see a fishing hamlet and numerous fishing boats indulging in their everyday odyssey. The view on this side was equally beautiful. Sadly, we were short of time and had to head towards the temple. I think one at least needs an hour to admire the beauty on either side of the bridge.

Once at temple we were running to take a holy dip/ bath from one well to another just like migrant animals running from one waterhole to another. Though it was around closing time, luckily we got to see all the deities. As I was about to leave the temple, I noticed the Nandhi near the Flag-mast; my God, it was one giant Nandhi.

Post lunch we started on our onward journey. As we were already running way behind schedule we could not visit Danushkodi or even take another pit stop at Indira Gandhi Bridge.


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