A Visit to Sethukarai

I and my family went on a quick pilgrimage trip to Rameswaram and nearby temples. Our first stop was Thirupullani. From there we went to Sethukarai where we had to do a poojai. The view from Sethukarai beach was amazing. We had reached there by around 7 AM, the sun was still hidden behind a thick patch of clouds. As a result the sky resembled a cake made of blue and orange layers with the dark cloud serving as the icing.

The color of the sea made me wonder if it was some kind of magic potion with swirls of emerald green, turquoise and aquamarine. The nomadic fishing boats with wind sails and the rising sun as the backdrop would be any photographers dream come true. Alas I did not have even a point and shoot camera and was shooting with my mobile camera.

The sight at the shore was an eyesore. Clothes strewn all over the shore was strangulating the beauty of the beach. With not much of a tide in the water, kids were having time of their life playing in the water. The multiple fishing boats somehow added to the beauty of the sea. It was surreal to see the sea change to multiple shades as the sun kept ascending.


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