A Visit to Muttukadu Backwaters

It’s been a year since I created a WordPress account and I thought I would celebrate this moment with a blog post. This weekend was particularly hectic for me (by my standards). I met a few of my college mates for lunch on Saturday. The planning for the meet went for more than a month (with a WhatsApp group exclusively created for the purpose). Since the restaurant was not crowded or cramped, we had a very relaxed and nice lunch. We were all trying to travel back in time by discussing about well-known as well as lesser known incidents from our college days.  I met one of classmates for the first time in thirteen years. Even more surprising was the fact that he is working in the same company for the past twelve years. In the evening I went for Deepavali purchase with my wife and daughter.

On Sunday, I went to “Pan’ with eight of my family members at ‘Maayajaal’ multiplex on ECR. Though I have been living in Chennai since 1994, this is my first visit to a rather well known hangout in Chennai. I found the atmosphere there a little chaotic. The original plan was to return home post the movie but we decided to go to Muttukadu Backwaters instead. The boat ride in the backwaters was a very enjoyable one. Some of the sights were amazing. The sight of birds perched on the shrubs on the banks, birds flying were close to the water, and the golden light from the setting sun on the backwaters were all awesome. I wish I had carried a good camera to capture all these beautiful moments.

IMG_20151025_165032937 IMG_20151025_170306268 IMG_20151025_170348577 IMG_20151025_170358269 IMG_20151025_170507065 IMG_20151025_170648535 IMG_20151025_170833816 IMG_20151025_170834545 IMG_20151025_171243889 IMG_20151025_171314714 IMG_20151025_171649988 IMG_20151025_171819051 IMG_20151025_171819311 IMG_20151025_172901929 IMG_20151025_173458055


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