The Daily Post – A Moment in Time: Kolams for Pongal

The Daily Post – A Moment in Time: “What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)”

Peacock Kolam

Peacock Kolam

The last photo, in fact the last couple of snaps that I took were those of Kolams (Floor drawings made in rice flour or chalk/ chalk powder) drawn by my wife for Pongal, the harvest festival celebrated by Tamils. Earlier this month, I asked my wife to take part in the Kolam contest at Mylapore Festival. However my wife refused saying that she might to be able to come up with a good kolam. I tried to motivate her to participate but in vain. However when we visited the festival and saw all the kolams, she felt bad that she did not participate.

Ganesha Kolam for Day 4 for Pongal

Ganesha Kolam for Day 4 of Pongal

In order to get over that regret she decided to draw kolams at our flat entrance for Pongal. She drew one for the 2nd day of the festival and one for the fourth day. Each one took about couple of hours to draw. On both days she started around 11.30PM and went till 1.30 AM. For about two hours she patiently sat down on the floor (in December weather) to make these kolams. The end results were beautiful.

Our neighbors were praising about the kolams the following days. One of my neighbors in fact took snaps of the kolam and posted it on her WhatsApp and Facebook account. The other day she was telling my wife that the photos got a lot of likes and encouraged my wife to continue the good work.  Another neighbor came to see my wife and asked for the design so that she can draw it at her place. I was hoping to write a blog post about my wife’s Pongal Kolams for the last couple of days and this prompt gives me a good reason to write about them

My wife used to do canvas painting and oil painting in her school days. Somehow she did not continue with them after going to college/ work. After seeing her come up with the rough sketch of the kolams with such ease, I am sure there is dormant artist living in her. Yesterday, when we were at the book store, I asked her if she wanted to buy colors and canvas. But she said that she hasn’t decided yet to start once again. I sincerely wish that my wife rekindles her interest in painting in 2015.

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