My name is Yoges V R, a thirty four year old guy living in Chennai, India. I am married and have a two and half years old daughter. I am an engineer and MBA by qualification. I am a research analyst in the technology industry by profession.

This is my first blogging 101 post. I am blogging in WordPress platform since October 19, 2014. I started blogging as a way of getting into a writing habit. I think writing publicly would let me connect with others like me and receive constructive feedback to improve my writing skills. I am writing a blog post after a brief hiatus. So far I have written about education and success and I hope to continue to write on these topics as well others like behavioral psychology, current affairs, etc. Well, getting into the regular habit of writing is what I plan to accomplish in 2015.

I think the two dark forces that have been impeding my progress are Impulsiveness and Inertia. Impulsiveness has been leading me to spend time, money and energy on all the wrong stuff. Inertia has been preventing me from doing all the right stuff like reading a good book. My biggest fear in writing blog posts is being judged and the feeling of what if this post is not worthy of being published.

I like reading non-fiction books. The fact that the story or the idea in the book has happened somewhere in this world is what keeps me hooked to a non-fiction book. In addition to various WordPress blogs, I also follow blogs by Austin Kleon, James Altucher and Oliver Emberton.


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