The Story of Arjun Santhosh Kumar

Today I came across the story of Arjun Santhosh Kumar, Founder and CEO of LateraLogics, a tech startup based out of Chennai, India. How is Arjun’s story unique? Arjun is just fourteen years of age and is class nine (ninth standard) student of Velammal Vidhyashram, Chennai. On Children’s Day (November 14th) this year he will become one of the recipient of the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement in New Delhi instituted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD), Government of India. The motto of his company is ‘Great Solutions come from Small Problems‘.

The first Android app that he developed ‘Ez School Bus Locator’ won the first prize (K-8 Category) in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s App Inventor App Contest (2013). Arjun then went on to develop another Android phone ‘iSafeGuard’, a women & teen safety app. As quoted in ‘The Hindu’, Arjun recollects that he got the idea for developing the ‘Ez School Bus Locator’ after his parents got worried when it took him time to return home on a rainy evening. Arjun developed both his apps using MIT’s App Inventor tool, an open source blocks-based programming tool used to program and build fully functional apps for Android devices. So far his story has been covered by several newspapers and magazines including ‘The Hindu’, India Today, NDTV, The Times of India, etc.

Arjun’s very first post on LinkedIn is interestingly titled, ‘Why Can’t Entrepreneurship be Part of School Curriculum?’. An even better question to ask would be ‘Why can’t Indian Schools develop many such Entrepreneurs?’ In response to the comment for his article Arjun has responded, “Couldn’t agree more that our schooling system should foster innovation and creativity among students in place of ‘uniformity’ (am a big follower of Sir Ken Robinson).” Congratulations to our young innovator and entrepreneur Arjun and best wishes for his entrepreneurial journey.


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