The Two Best Insurance Products

The two best insurance products in this world are not sold by insurance companies. No, they are not sold by multinational banks either. The government is in no way related to these insurance products. Some of the best minds in economics or finance have got nothing to do with these insurance products.

These two insurance products give the best possible protection in the long term, not only for ourselves but also for our families. So, where can we buy these insurance products? None of us can buy these insurance products anywhere. But we can invest in them. We can invest in these two insurance products at our very own home.

The Two Best Insurance Products are:

  1. Our own (life-long) education
  2. Our Children with the right outlook towards life and right skillsets required for life

So, how much money do we need to invest in them? When it comes to these two insurance products, the primary investment required is not money but our time and effort. We need to invest our time and effort in our continuing education as well as in bringing up our children the right way. Keep in mind these are not one time investment plans but systematic involvement plans (SIP).

Are you investing enough in these two?


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