I am not a fan of Rajinikanth. I decided to write this blog after seeing the hype around the release of his new movie ‘Sivaji – The Boss’.

Facts about Rajinikanth:
Original Name: Shivaji Rao Gaekwad
Current Profession: Movie Actor
Film industry: Tamil (India)
Movies acted: 170 (100 in Tamil alone)
Next project: Sultan – the warrior (animated movie to be directed by his daughter)
Salary for last Movie: About $9,000,000
Status: Super Star – Tamil Film Industry
Registered fan clubs: 69,000 (as per claims in Indian TV channels)
Alumnus of: Madras Film Institute (Batch of 1974)
Previous Profession: Bus Conductor – BMTC, Bangalore
Rajinikanth a.k.a Shivaji Rao Gaekwad is the reigning ‘Super Star’ of Tamil Film Industry. He’s the highest earning actor in India and probably the second highest earning actor in Asia after Jakie Chan from Hong Kong. His latest movie ‘Sivaji – the Boss’, released on June 15 is running to packed houses. The movie is released in Tamil Nadu, Andhrapradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Bombay, Pune, New Delhi (All in India), Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, USA & UK. The movie will be shortly releasing in Japan. The movie was produced at a cost of $13,000,000 using the best technical talents in the Tamil Film industry by AVM Productions, the oldest and the largest film production house in the Tamil Film Industry.
Rajinikanth made is film debut in 1975 as a supporting actor. He then acted in negative roles for sometime before getting opportunities to act as a hero. While in his earlier films he got a chance to display his acting skills, he’s more famous for his style and on-screen mannerism. He got the title of ‘Super Star’ in 1987. Since that time only three of his movies have failed to make a profit in the box office. Most of his movies are formula movies targeted at youngsters filled with ‘punch dialogues’ and logic defying stunts. The amount of adulation that his fans have for him would put any Hollywood actor to shame.
Whether we like him as a actor or not, his rags-to-riches true story is an inspirational one. Rajinikanth a Marati by birth, lost his parents when he was a kid and was brought up by his elder brother. As an youth he worked as a bus conductor with BMTC in Bangalore. With the help and support of his friends he joined the Madras Film Institute, Chennai. In a career spanning 32 years he has become the most successful actor in the whole of South India commanding the appreciation and respect of film personalities across India.

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