Heroes and Fans (Part 2)

There is no limit on the amount of influence that our heroes can have over our lives or the extent of adulation that we would have towards them. Not to mention about the activities that we would do as a result of this adulation and influence. People might cry while watching the concert of their famous rock star/band (e.g.Beatles), might cry when their famous sportsperson/ team looses (e.g.Steffi Graf, Brazil’s soccer team). And if its India or Pakistan, fans might throw water bottles on the opposition players if their national cricket team is about to loose their match.

Why do rational people become irrational when it comes to their heroes? Indian Cricket Team lost its world cup (1996) semifinal match against Sri Lanka by default because angry Indian fans at Eden Gardens Stadium, Calcutta started throwing water bottles on the fielding Srilankan side. This is probably the first and only instance where a match was awarded to a team by default – what a national shame! Every now and then we find supporters of one political party clashing with supporters of a different political party, fans of one football club clashing with fans of opposition football club etc. Fans might stop a match, burn books, effigies, posters of their fallen heroes. Why do people resort to such activities?


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