Heroes and Fans (Part 1)

Most of us are ordinary human beings. Not many people celebrate us or our activities and achievements. We go about doing our day to day activities with ease and sometimes with a great sense of satisfaction. The trouble is there are a million other people who are similar to us, do similar activities with the same favorable results. Therefore there is no one to notice or appreciate our actions other than our family or close friends. As minutes become hours, hours become days and days become years we continue with the same or similar line of activities. We get bored… bored to the core and enervated!

And that’s when we look for entertainment and inspiration. Entertainment of relax and inspiration to carry on with our day to day activities with a certain amount of enthusiasm and confidence. Entertainment can take various forms – sports, movies, music, theatre, books, painting etc. As we try various sources of entertainment, we develop a liking to certain form of entertainment. Some people prefer music over sports, others prefer movies over books and so on. Not to mention that each form of entertainment would have hundreds or thousands categories.

As we continue to follow one form of entertainment over a period of time, we develop a liking to certain active players in that form of entertainment. Over time this liking develops into an adulation. These active players in a particular entertainment field become our heroes and we their fans. Not to forget that we can have heroes in fields outside the entertainment arena itself (our family, school, national politics etc.). And from this moment onwards, the activities of our heroes will start influencing our life in some way or the other. Some of us might follow their lead and enter the same field like our heroes (choosing writing as a career because we like Michael Chricton for example), others might follow their style of dressing, still others might become very serious advocates of the cause with which their heroes are associated with (e.g. Live Strong – wrist band).


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